Scania R410 LNG – M. Korkiakoski is moving towards a more environmentally friendly future

The international transport market and customer demand are changing as green values are becoming more important. We decided to respond to the growing demand by offering a more ecological transport option: our first natural gas vehicle, Scania R410 LNG was introduced on 17.5.2021. The R410 will operate in Finland and Sweden, and its 13-litre natural gas engine provides 410 hp and gives 2000 Nm from 1000 and through to 1400 r/min. With its respectable performance, the new Scania R410 will take us towards a more environmentally friendly future.

The drivers Pekka Hietala, Tero Saarenpää, Sami Laurila, Sakari Kalapudas and Jorma Nauha participated in the introduction training of the new Scania R410 LNG in Oulu, 17.5.2021.
We at M. Korkiakoski Oy are proud to take a step towards an environmentally friendly future by introducing our new Scania R410.